Glitter Hearts on Pink


Purple glitter hearts on pink.
Specific for the right and left eye.
Made in the UK


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Glitter Hearts on Pink eye patch for glasses design Kay Fun Patch.

Kay Fun Patch is a soft, reusable, medical (orthoptic) fabric eye patch for the treatment of amblyopia.

Each of our Kay Fun Patches is carefully made to ensure correct occlusion of the eye. The patch sits underneath the glasses frame touching the face around the eye. It is fastened to the glasses with three buttonholes and a strip of matching elastic. Our eye patches fit most styles of glasses, both with and without separate nose pieces.

Kay Fun Patches are made from layers of material that is soft and safe to use next to the skin. The fabric designs are printed with safe, water-based inks. The hearts use premium glitter, made from real glitter flakes with a stunning deep sparkle effect. It’s unique production process ensures there is no glitter loss, wash after wash.

All our eye patches are made entirely in the UK in five separate manufacturing processes, ending with each patch being individually sewn by a skilled machinist.

We have nearly 100 unique eye patches with engaging designs to suit any child.

Additional information

Weight 0.005 kg
Dimensions N/A

Left, Right

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