Pirate – Neon Green


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Ahoy matey! You can be a pirate.
Black pirate style patch with neon green skull
Made in the UK


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Neon Green Pirate Eye Patch for Glasses 

Kay Fun Patches are the perfect reusable, medical eye patch for the effective treatment of amblyopia.

Made entirely in the UK from certified, soft and hypoallergenic materials, the patches are symmetrical in shape with a specific option for occluding the right or left eye. Please select which eye needs to be occluded from the drop-down menu above.

The skull and crossbones motifs are made from vinyl and safely applied via heat transfer. Hand washing the patch will not affect the quality of the motif.

Kay Fun Patches fit snugly underneath the glasses frame, touching the face around the eye to ensure correct occlusion. The patch is easily fastened to the glasses with three buttonholes and a strip of latex-free elastic. See instructions for more details.

Our patches fit most styles of glasses, both with and without separate nose pieces and are suitable for children from 3+ years.

For motivational charts, rewards and supporting toys to help with patching compliance, take a look at our accessories


Additional information

Weight 0.005 kg
Dimensions 11.8 × 6 cm

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