Kay Fun Patch

Kay Fun Patches are fabric eye patches for the treatment of amblyopia with children. They are produced by Kay Pictures Ltd, a family business set up by orthoptist Hazel Kay in 1984.

About Our Patches

Kay Pictures manufactures and sells a range of paediatric vision tests and orthoptic equipment. We are a small team of five who love what we do, selling our products into the NHS as well as around the world.

We developed a design for fabric patches over 20 years ago and have been perfecting the manufacturing process and improving designs ever since. We are proud of the quality and design of our patches, which aim to make patching treatment that little bit easier and a lot more fun!

What started as a cottage industry has moved to full-scale printing, manufacturing and sewing processes at various sites in the UK. The glasses patch production involves 6 stages from manufacture and printing the outer fabric, combining two more layers, cutting the patch shape, then sewing, checking and packing. The eye patches have a slightly less complicated production, being made entirely on one site.

We are pleased that all our efforts are appreciated by the many children, parents and eye professionals who have found Kay Fun Patches to be the perfect patch for successful amblyopia treatment.

About Kay Fun Patch