hazelworkKay Fun Patches are produced by Kay Pictures Ltd, a family business set up by practicing orthoptist, Hazel Kay in 1984.

Kay Pictures Ltd designs orthoptic equipment and sells around the world, principally the Kay Picture Test, as a means of testing the eyesight of pre-school children. We also sell our range of eye patches and other orthoptic equipment direct to professionals and re-sellers worldwide.

Kay Pictures

About Our Patches

All our patches are made in the UK. They are washable, reusable and cost effective.

The design of the Kay Fun Patch came from several years of experimenting with different shapes and fabrics to find the perfect combination of comfort, style and fit. We wanted to design the perfect fabric patch for all those children who have amblyopia (lazy eye) to make the treatment time fun and effective.

Fun Patches are made from layers of breathable fabric with an inner cushioned layer to retain their shape and add softness. The patches attach easily to any glasses and follow the facial contours ensuring proper occlusion.

The Eye Patches were designed to offer the same fun element to patch wearing for those children needing amblyopia treatment who don’t wear glasses. These patches are a kinder alternative to sticky patches made from safe, washable fabric with a soft inner blackout layer. The elastic is 8mm wide and very stretchy, so should keep in place, but not feel tight.

Our online shop offers a selection of designs to suit any boy or girl. We regularly update and change our designs.

Our unique design of patch is a registered community design with the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (OHIM)  – Design number: 002127225-0001.  It is also registered with the Intellectual Property Office  – Registration: 4014489.

The patches are CE marked and registered as a medical device with The EU Medical Devices Directive.