Blinx Glasses Charms


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These fun glasses charms make eye-wear more fun and they complement our Kay Fun Patch designs too!

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Blinx glasses charms are the perfect accessory to make eye-wear for children more exciting. The charms allow children to customise their spectacle frames or mix and match the designs to suit any mood or clothing. They can also be a great reward during the patching period and with their many fun designs, they perfectly complement some of our Kay Fun Patch patterns, just browse here.

Blinx are made from soft silicon rubber and easily slide on and off the glasses arms. They fit approximately 85% of children’s glasses simply by sliding the charm on/off the frame. A small rubber band (provided) allows Blinx to fit an even broader variety of frames. The insertion area measures 8mm by 2mm, enabling the charms to fit arms of these measurements or less. Even if the arm is very slim, as is often the case with metal frames, the silicon grips to the arm and also to itself, keeping the charm in place.

Please note that Blinx glasses charms are not suitable for children under 36 months.

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